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My gallery gets better
THATS A PROMISE :iconmikulaplz:



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Zheng Hwang Ready To Roll!  by VendettaOfTheLight
Zheng Hwang Ready To Roll!
A present for :iconakatsukishiranui-fox: cause he's a really cool guy! Yall shall watch him! 

Just to warn you... he has an obsession of boobs! AND THE MIGHTY POWER IS NOT ENOUGH TO STOP HIM AND GETTING BETWEEN HIM AND HIS BOOBIES! :heart: :la: 

this took me like 2 hours ;w;
Virgo The Aries  by VendettaOfTheLight
Virgo The Aries
Another thing I did I actually created him in class like a long time ago and he was just going to be a magical sheep guy but then I'm like NAH it needs more! so I made him into a Virgo the Aries. He spends his time reading all that is all he does but when he was a child he had a friend called " Aqua (or Aquarius) The Pisces and what he does is that he conducts magic and they were friends because Virgo The Aries (VA) wrote the spells and Aqua the Pisces (AP) conducted them so VA hired AP to conduct magic to help the needy but then the devil's son called Anti The Holic (AH) came and kidnapped AP so now AP works for AH under his own will and VA tries to free him but the devils son is so tricky and so playful in his evil way although he looks like a kid and is an adult. 
I Came To Replace You... by VendettaOfTheLight
I Came To Replace You...
Since this is the new vendetta so yea she is supposed to replace heta so yeah here yah go...
Cherry Bomb Go BOOM! by VendettaOfTheLight
Cherry Bomb Go BOOM!
A new OC I have come up with! well... here yah go... she is an expert bombist and her bombs are made handmade by radioactive acids. Her name is Cherry Bomb... she also flies planes, battles with any type of handmade bomb she makes... if you offer her a bomb that is not made by her she will take it and make it her own as in Re-design it. she also has the power of Fire. she is currently in school with her real name as "Summer"in the japanese version so that makes her "Natsu" with her last name as " Hellbost " 


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Vendetta Light (A.K.A~ Vendra)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Hallo, Meine name ist... Nein... Anyway Hello! (Kinochiwa!) Welkommen zu meine Deviantart page!
I am a
:rose:Dubstep and Music Composer
:rose:Special Effects
:rose:GIF maker
:rose:and so much more!

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Heyy guys! 

spaz kermit 
It's been long since I've logged in!
Chiyo Fangirling Icon Erika Sparkleeye Icon Deadpool Pose 
I finally got my computer fixed! 
The problem with my computer was that it was blocked, it didn't had a password, it was because the disk drive was blocked and reasons for this is that the computer repair man said the only way it can be blocked was a virus or the monitor where the disk drive is held to be fixed. 

To be honest, I didn't kick it, i would never do that
but my little brother does because my computer is where the Xbox is and he plays near there and kicks my box 
the good thing is that i got it fixed


  • I have a Instagram where y'all can follow me now (VendettaOfTheLight)
  • Drawing on paper
  • Learning what I have to learn 
  • Entered in the 10th grade 
  • Went on a rampage(s) and playing on the PS3 ( EridanAmpora000)


the expectation is that I will draw but meanwhile I will use the SW of PAINT and will try to download Paint tool SAI again, the computer repair man installed a SW that blocks all pirate websites and blocks spam as well. 
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Splash FREE! (Iwatobi Swim Club)
  • Watching: The Screen


Chris (My Best Friend) Devilsblood by VendettaOfTheLight
Sen (My Sister!) by VendettaOfTheLight
Full shading and line art with pen (PainttoolSAI) 
backround with PSCS5 will cost 30 more points. 
Heta Heta Pocky Backround by VendettaOfTheLight
NOMI NOMI by VendettaOfTheLight
each is 20 points, pay the price at the donation pool or the other way which is" give points" 

:rose: send me a note that you have paid 20 points and send me the information of what you want in it :heart:

:rose: 20 points EACH 

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I didn't want to be mean on that note. I wanted to get your attention. That's all I was doing. So I can talk to you and tell you that I apologized to everybody, but  you didn't message me back at all. I just want you to understand I wasn't trying to be mean. I just wanted you to listen to me, but you didn't. I understand what you're trying to do for me, but I just wanted you to say,"Oh I know you apologized to everybody. I'm just letting you be at peace." Something like that, but you never told me. Just plz understand this plz. 
Im still your friend no matter what.
I'm not your enemy. Your enemy is your thought of thinking I'm trying to be a jerk.
Just plz understand plz.
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No problem your art is very good i like the shading and the characters and much very well drawn
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Aw thanks c:

But I don't draw my characters ^^;

I use a program called kisekae 2~
your drawings, however, are very good :heart:
VendettaOfTheLight Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW but its still good! i like your ideas, art is about how well you imagine into fashion, deatails, etc! and even if you use a program i much love the designs you created for them
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thanks for the fave
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